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Productivity and Manufacturing Systems Solutions

Using Industrial Engineering Tools to Improve Efficiency and Productivity

This two and a half-day course will provide attendees with the basic understanding of the principles and tools of industrial engineering that all organizations need in order to standardize and simplify work processes and methods, incorporate quality and productivity improvement considerations into these methods, and provide cost justification for new methods and equipment. The role of the industrial engineer is even more important now than in the past. This course will bring attendees up to date with the latest methodologies and tools for improving efficiency and productivity.


Root Cause Analysis

Do you find your organization in a constant state of fire-fighting or constantly dealing with the same problems over and over?  Our Root Cause Analysis course provides tools and techniques to get at the root cause of problems to ensure the problem goes away for good.


Poka Yoke

A concept developed by Japanese manufacturing engineer Shigeo Shingo, poka yoke is a technique for avoiding simple human error at work. A poka yoke device is any mechanism that either prevents a mistake from being made or makes the mistake obvious at a glance.The term poka yoke is generally translated as "mistake-proofing” or "fail-safing” (to avoid (yokeru) inadvertent errors (poka)). In this one-day course, you will learn principles of poka yoke, types of poka yoke, various tools and tips for applying poka yoke, and numerous examples of poka yoke in use to get your creativity flowing for mistake-proofing operations in your organization.

Experimental Statistics / Design of Experiments

We can provide customized training to use Excel and/or Minitab to improve your employees' understanding of statistical methodologies, including Hypothesis Testing, Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) and Design of Experiments (DOE).