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ISO 14001

Understanding and Implementing the ISO 14001 Standard

This practical two-day course will give you the knowledge, skills, and tools you'll need to design/modify and implement an environmental management system which meets the ISO 14001 Standards. In this course you will learn:

  • The requirements of ISO 14001
  • Valuable tips which will guarantee cost-effective and successful implementation

How to Conduct Internal Audits for ISO 14001

By attending this course, you will learn how to conduct internal audits to verify that your environmental management system complies with the ISO 14001 Standards, greatly improve your chances of successfully passing the ISO 14001 registration criteria on your first try, and use the internal audit system to maintain and improve your environmental management system. This course incorporates a variety of workshops and exercises to enhance your learning experience. We have also developed a role-playing audit in which attendees assume the roles of hypothetical company employees involved in an internal audit. Past attendees have commented that this format is very useful in learning how to conduct a thorough internal audit.

ISO 14001 Overview for Management

This course will provide management with a basic understanding of the requirements of ISO 14001, and will provide an understanding of management's specific roles and responsibilities in the ISO 14001 environmental management system. In this course, attendees will discuss how the approach taken to implement ISO 14001 can result in either a value-added and sustainable business management system, or something undesirable.

Introduction to ISO 14001 - Awareness Training

This one-half to one day training course provides an informational setting for employees to be introduced to the ISO 14001 environmental management systems and the requirements of the standards. It provides an open forum for discussion, questions and answers regarding the registration process, what auditors look for, and what will be expected of employees. More importantly, the need for and value of environmental management systems and documentation will be addressed, along with roles and responsibilities in implementing ISO 14001.

Implementing the ISO 14001 Requirements

Attendees of this two-day course will learn how to design and implement a cost-effective ISO 14001 quality management program using existing resources, gain the competitive advantages of ISO 14001 registration, learn what the ISO 14001 standards require and how to respond, how to develop ISO 14001-compliant documentation, management's role in achieving compliance, and how to develop environmental management system procedures and work instructions.

Successfully Completing Documentation Requirements for ISO 14001 Registration

Documentation development is an important task in achieving ISO 14001 registration, but can often represent 50-60% of the time and effort required to achieve registration. This one- to two-day course offers a variety of workshops and exercises to give attendees the methods, tools, and skills needed to develop and implement environmental management system documentation effectively and reduce the time of this task by 50%.

Root Cause Analysis

Do you find your organization in a constant state of fire-fighting or constantly dealing with the same problems over and over?  Our Root Cause Analysis course provides tools and techniques to get at the root cause of problems to ensure the problem goes away for good.